Friday, May 4, 2012


Connor made these cute maracas in his 1st grade class today for Cinco de Mayo.    I thought they were a great idea, so I had Ty and Addie make them at home.  The 3 kids had a great time shaking their maracas!!

Directions:  Fill a plastic Easter egg with unpopped popcorn seeds.  Tape 2 plastic spoons to the sides of the egg with masking tape.  We only used the masking tape to secure the spoons to the egg.  You can use as much masking tape as you want - you can completely cover the egg with tape, or only cover part of  the egg.  Tape the two spoon handles together at the bottom of the handles.  Decorate the tape and egg with permanent marker!
Materials Needed:  plastic egg, 2 plastic spoons, unpopped popcorn seeds, masking tape, different colored permanent markers

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