Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creative Cardboard Tube Flowers!

Ty and Addie with their flowers!
This project idea comes from the March 2012 issue of Family Fun Magazine under the title Cosmic Cosmos.  Directions:  Paint the inside and outside of a cardboard tube - we used toilet paper tubes.  Flatten a 2nd tube and cut  1/2" to 3/4" wide rings from it.  Pain them green on the inside and outside.  Paint a wooden dowel or bamboo skewer green - for the stem.  Let all of the paint dry.  For the petals, cut slits into both ends of the tube. leaving an inch-long section in the center uncut.  Fold the petals open.  Crumble a piece of tissue paper and push it into the middle of the flower.  Insert the stem into the side of the tube, by making a small hole.  Attach the leaves to the stem with craft glue.  Materials Needed:  cardboard tubes, paint, paint brush, tissue paper, scissors, bamboo skewer or wooden dowel

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