Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Milk Cap Bugs!

This Project comes from Family Fun Magazine
Directions:  Cut a set of heart-shaped wings out of a plastic jug.  Hold the wings in place on top of a plastic cap - I used milk carton caps.  Use push-pins to make two holes through both.  Fold an 18-inch length of floral wire in half and thread the ends through the holes.  Then twist the wires to secure them into place.  For the eyes, use a hole puch to make black craft-foam pupils, and use scissors to cut larger circles from white craft foam.  Attach the yeas to the cap with a 4-inch lengh of floral wire just like before.
Materials Needed:  milk carton caps, plastic jug, floral wire, push pin, black and white craft foam, hole punch, scissors


  1. That's just adorable! So cute.

  2. I loved these! I want to make some for my garden. To cute!