Thursday, July 28, 2011

Plastic Cup Lighthouse!

This project is from the August 2011 issue of Family Fun Magazine.  My 6 year old son was looking through the magazine and said, "Mom, we have to make this!"  It was very easy to make and Connor was able to do most of it all by himself! 
Plastic Cup Lighthouse - Apply white tape around a red plastic cup (in three different sections)  Cut out black rectangles - 1 larger one for the door and 2 smaller ones for the windows.  Glue to the cup.  Trace the bottom of a clear plastic cup onto black paper.  Cut the circle out and glue to the bottom of the cup.  Cut a 1 inch section off the top of a clear plastic cup.  Place rechargeable tea light on top of red plastic cup and cover with cut clear plastic cup.
Materials Needed:  red plastic cup, clear plastic cup, black paper, white tape, scissors, rechargeable tea light, glue, pencil

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