Monday, July 12, 2010

Button Letters!

Day 1 of the Week. The theme this week is Fun with Buttons!
Project - Button Letters. I thought it would be fun to make a keepsake for Addie and Caitlyn to hang in their rooms. So, I went to the website and printed off a capital A for Addie and a C for Caitlyn. I cut each letter out and glued them to a piece of 8x8 white card stock. Next, I covered the letters with craft glue. Caitlyn and I used buttons to cover the letters. Caitlyn covered her C with buttons and covered Addie's A with buttons. I am going to frame the letters in a shadow box frame. I am going to hang Addie's letter in her new room - it should look cute with her yellow walls! :) Materials Needed: white card stock, block letter template, buttons, craft glue, scissors, frame (optional)
C for Caitlyn and A for Addie!


  1. Addie's looked so nice framed that we are going to find a frame for Caitlyn's too:0

  2. Those are simply adorable...Love it!

    Where did you get all those buttons?

  3. I am really happy with the results of this crafts. My mom had a ton of buttons - now I owe her some!! I should have bought a frame for Caitlyn's frame too!