Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paper Plate Volcano!

Day 3 of our week. The theme this week is Hot Stuff!
Project- Volcano. Directions: Cut a slit down the middle of a paper plate a cut a circle in the middle of the plate. Bend and staple the the plate to make a volcano shape. Brush thinned white glue over the volcano and press brown tissue paper squares over the wet glue. (We used brown craft paper torn into pieces). Twist pieces of red, yellow and orange tissue paper and push them into the opening to resemble erupting lava. Source: The Mailbox Magazine Feb/March 2009
Materials Needed - paper plate, scissors, stapler, brown, orange, red, yellow tissue paper, white glue

Learning Activities
Today's Activities:
Math Readiness: 0, zero, writing, recognition, counting
Reading Readiness: making pairs
Transition Math: coloring certain amounts

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  1. What a charactor! I guess I've never seen the glasses on you little dear! He looks smart:) Love your projects. You kids are very lucky to have you for a mom!