Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oatmeal Canister Snowman!

Project - Oatmeal Canister Snowman! Connor and I made a snowman out of our old oatmeal canister, a washed out sour cream container, felt, buttons and glue. I used craft glue to attach white felt around the cylinder oatmeal container. I cut out a circular piece of black felt slightly larger than the cover to the oatmeal container and glued it on top of the cover. I used black felt to cover the sour cream container and glued the container to the circular black cover. Connor added buttons to the snowman and hat. I let him decorate the snowman all by himself - he likes things plain!! He uses his snowman to store things and also has a "winter" decoration. Materials Needed - oatmeal container, sour cream container (washed out), 2 pieces of white and black felt, buttons (various colors and sizes), craft glue.

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