Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cardboard Tube Snowflakes!

Day 2 of the week. The theme this week is Snowflakes. The letters of the week are L, l, T the numbers of the week are 6, 7, 8.
Project -Cardboard Tube Snowflakes- I found this project in the December/January issue of Family Fun Magazine. http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/retro-ornaments-807089/ I flattened a cardboard paper towel tube and cut into 3/4 inch-wide ring (ten for each snowflake). Then I used a hole punch to make holes 1/2 inch from the each folded edge. Then Connor and Lauren started stringing a white pipe cleaner through the holes to make the inner circle. I twisted the ends of the pipe cleaner together on Connor and Lauren's tubes. Then I twisted two pipe cleaners together for the outer circle of the cardboard rings. Connor and Lauren strung their pipe cleaners through the holes to make the outer circle of the snowflake. I twisted the ends together and trimmed the excess. Finally, I attached a loop of fishing line for a hanger. *you can paint the tubes white before cutting* Materials Needed - cardboard tubes, white pipe cleaners, hole punch, scissors, fishing line
Learning Activities:
Today's Activities:
Handwriting - Staying in the lines on curvy, zig-zag paths
Numbers- the number 7, writing, counting
Reading Readiness -belongs with
Different Shapes - rectangles
Writing Letters - Lowercase l

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