Friday, October 9, 2015


 Apple Sun Catcher
Paint a coffee filter with watercolor paints.  Let dry.  With red construction paper, cut out an apple shape and cut out the middle leaving a border.  Then, glue or tape the painted coffee filter to apple.

Paper Strip Apple
Cut 8-10 strips of red construction paper.  Punch holes on each end.  String green or brown pipe cleaner through the bottom holes of the paper strips.  Secure with tape.  Then, string the pipe cleaner through the top holes of the paper strips.  Spread out the strips as you are stringing.  Add a green leaf with hole punched in it.  Secure with tape.  Curl the pipe cleaner.

Learning Activities
The following learning activities come from the Apple Picking Pre-K Fun Pack  I did not post all of the activities this Fun Pack has to offer, but there are many great learning activities!
Tracing Shapes
Skills:  tracing, shapes, letters

Which one is Biggest?
Skills:  Biggest

ABC Maze
Skills:  ABC order and recognition
We also did the lowercase maze!

Letter A Apple Sorting
Here is the link for A is for Apple Sorting  We did have tree on the wall to make it look like an apple tree, but it kept on falling down from the wall!  
Skills:  letter a, upper and lowercase a, sorting

Apple Lacing Card
Here is the link for this cute Apple Lacing Card
Skills:  fine motor

Apple Counting Number Matching
Here is the link for Apple Number Match
Skills:  number recognition and matching

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