Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summertime, Summertime!!

Summertime, Summertime!!
Foam Flip Flops
Trace foot or feet on craft foam
Cut out footprint
Punch three holes into the footprint
String two pieces of a pipe cleaner through the holes
String with beads
Tissue Paper Sun
Stick orange tissue paper onto the center of a small paper plate
Stick yellow tissue paper on the rest of the paper plate
Loop yellow strips of construction paper around the edge to make the rays
Sponge Balls
Cut a sponge into 3/4" sections
Gather the cut pieces and tie off with string
Fluff as needed
*Soak the sponge balls and have fun throwing them on a hot summer day*
Watermelon Sections!
Cut a paper plate into fourths
Paint with bright pink, light pink and green paint
When dry, use black paint dipped in a cotton swap to make the seeds
Paint a large craft stick green
Tape or glue the craft stick to the back of the watermelon
Paper Plate Fruit
Paint a paper plate to look like an orange, lemon or lime
Learning Activities
Sunny Sums
Math - Addition
Here is the link to this addition activity
Scooping Up Sums
Math - addition
I modified this activity a little bit.  I had Connor come up with sums on his own.  The original activity has great visuals with sums and addition sentences.  Here is the link to this addition activity.
Flip Flop Fragments
Language Arts/Writing - sentences, fragments
Here is the link to this learning activity
Firefly Word Work
Literacy - short vowel sounds a and e, sorting
I modified this activity by gluing the HEN and CAT jar to a piece of 8x11 piece of construction paper.  I cut out each firefly, and Addie sorted them appropriately by gluing each firefly to it's matching jar.  This activity would be perfect as a center activity, but I decided to make it more permanent, since Addie was the only one doing it.
Here is the link to this wonderful activity.

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  1. Wow, you have been busy!! The summer crafts are really cute--love all of them:)