Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day and Flowers!
Mother's Day Crafts
Flower Finger Print Bookmarks
The poem:  To My Mom
This pretty flower that you see
was made for you by me.
My finger made the flower part,
showing love from all my heart.
Happy Mother's Day
Press index finger into green paint and onto the book mark to make the stem of the flower
Press finger into pink paint and then onto the bookmark to make the petals for the flower

Thum-body loves me
Type the Thum-Body Loves You poem and print it off (the poem is below)
Press thumb on an ink pad or in paint and then onto the paper.
Mother's Day Button Flower Pots!

I bought a multi-color pack of flower pots from our local Dollar Store
The kids used buttons to make flowers on their pots to give to for Mother's Day
We even planted flowers - from seed!
Sponge Painted Flowers
 Cut out different colored circles from construction paper and green stems from construction paper
Glue the circles and stems onto 11 x 13 white paper.
Dip rectangular shaped sponges into paint and press onto the paper to make flowers.
Thumbprint Hyacinth
Cut green leaves for the stem/leaves of the flower
Glue the leaves to a piece of white paper
Use a green marker to draw the stem of the flower
Press thumb into purple paint and press onto both sides of the stem to make the hyacinth
Tissue Paper Flowers
Cut tissue paper into squares
Accordion fold each piece of tissue paper
Stack the pieces  and wrap a green pipe cleaner around the stack to secure them into place - The pipe cleaner will also be the stem
Fan out the pieces to make the flower

Finger print flowers
Cut a flower shape out of colored construction paper - you will need two per child
Press a finger into paint (any color) and press the finger on the petals and in the middle
When dry, tape a green pipe cleaner to the backside of one of the flowers
Glue the other flower on top, so you have two sides and the pipe cleaner is secure
Flower Learning Activities
How Does Your Garden Grow?
I typed the following:  _______, _______ (insert name two times) how does your garden grow?
I also type and printed off the number's 1-5 along with a sheet full of flowers that I then cut out
Addie glued each  number an 11 x 13 piece of construction paper
She glued the corresponding number of flowers underneath each number (she also colored each flower - pink of course!)
Flower Petal Count
Cut out 4 construction paper circles and multiple petals
Roll a dice.  Count the number on the dice and write it on a circle. 
Glue on the corresponding number of petals to make a flower.  Glue the completed flower to the paper!

 Beginning Sound Flower Pots!

Cut out 5 flower pots from brown construction paper.  Cut out 5 green stems and 5 flowers from different colored construction paper.
Print off different picture's - 2 for each beginning sound.  I did Q - queen and quilt, W - watch and whale, R -  reindeer and robot, H - house and helicopter, Y - yo-yo and yogurt
Assemble the pots and flowers and glue them to construction paper.
Find a pair of matching beginning sound pictures and glue teach picture to a flower pot.  Write the correct beginning letter sound on the flower.  Repeat until all of the flower pots are completed!

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