Monday, November 19, 2012

All About Turkeys!

In honor of the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, we have been making turkey projects.  Tana asks to make a "turkey craft" every day.  Here are few that we have done this November
Noodle Turkey
We dyed spiral noodles in zip-lock baggies.  I have never done this before, but it was super easy.  Just put the desired amount of noodles into separate zip-lock bags, add 3/4 tsp - 1 tsp of white vinegar and shake (don't add too much you don't want the noodles to get soggy). add 4-5 drops of food coloring to each bag and shake until the noodles are coated and colored.  Dump the colored noodles onto cardboard to dry. 
Noodle Turkeys:  cut a turkey shape out of brown construction paper and glue it to a piece of sturdy tag board or card stock.  Add a beak, waddle, and eyes.  Then glue the colored noodles to the turkey for feathers!  (We used craft glue)
Materials Needed:  card stock, glue, red, orange construction paper,  scissors, noodles,  zip-lock bags, white vinegar, food coloring, cardboard
Name Turkey
We made this turkey, because I am teaching Tana how to verbally spell her name, and it was great writing practice for Addie! 
Name Turkey:  Cut a turkey head shape out of brown construction paper.  Cut feathers out of different colored construction paper - Each turkey will be different depending on the length of the child's name.  Cut a beak and waddle out of orange and red construction paper  Apply glue to the bottom half of the head and stick it to the blue construction paper.   Glue the feathers to the blue construction paper - arranging the feathers so they fit behind the head.  Apply glue to the rest of the head and stick it to the paper.  Glue on the beak, waddle and googly eyes.  Have your child stick their appropriate letters from their name to each feather.  If your child can write their own name have them write the letters from their name on each feather!
Materials Needed:  blue construction paper, brown construction paper, scissors, various colors of construction paper, glue, googly eyes, foam letters or a marker.
Hand and Footprint Turkey
Tana loved making this turkey - she loves to have her hands and feet painted! 
Hand and Footprint Turkey:  Paint the child's hands and press onto the paper in a fan like pattern.   Paint the child's foot brown and press onto white cardstock or paper in the middle of the handprints.  Let dry and then add googly eyes, beak &waddle.  I used chenile stems to make the beak & waddle. 
Materials Needed:  white cardstock or paper, brown, red, orange, yellow, blue paint, paintbrush, craft glue, googly eyes, red and orange chenile stem, scissors 

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