Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lego Birthday Invite!

Connor is turning six on the 21st, so we have been planning his very first "friend" party.  He loves Lego's, so we are going to do a Lego themed party this year.  Instead of buying invites, I thought I would try making our own.  I searched the web and found many ideas.  I adapted one of the ideas and it was really fun and easy to make!!  It seemed like every search I did for Lego Birthday invites showed some sort of version of this invite! 
Lego Birthday Invite - Cut a rectangle out of bright colored cardstock and round the corners.  Cut  4 circles out of the same color cardstock and adhere with raised, mounting squares.  Either print the word Lego on the cardstock circles or print the word out on clear mailing labels and trim to size.  Stick the trimmed mailing labels to the circles.  Print out birthday party information and  attach to the back of the Lego Invitation!
Materials Needed:  cardstock (any bright color, make sure you have enough for the block and the 4 circles on each block), scissors, square mounting labels, clear mailing labels or printer and computer to print the word Lego on the cardstock


  1. Great job! I just had a Lego party as well! Boys and their Legos =)

    Have a great day!

  2. That is very clever--and looks so real! Great job and what a neat idea to have a Lego party!!!