Monday, December 28, 2009

Sponge Painted Snowmen!

Day 1 of the week - The theme this week is Snowmen. The letters of the week are E and F the number of the week is 1.
Project - Sponge Painted Snowmen - Connor and Lauren dipped large, medium and small circle shaped sponges into white paint to create their snowmen. I cut the the large, medium and small circles out of my cleaning sponges along with a hat shape. Next they stamped the hat shape sponge and pressed it on top of their snowmen. They added buttons for eyes, noses and buttons on their snowmen. They used a small sliver of a sponge dipped in white paint to make snowflakes. Materials Needed - blue construction paper, sponges cut into small, medium, large and a hat shape, white and black paint, buttons, black marker
Learning Activities:
Today's Activities:
Handwriting - Staying in the lines on curvy, zig-zag paths
Numbers- the number 1, writing, counting
Reading Readiness - The Same
Shapes - Circles
Writing Letters - Uppercase E

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