Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turkey Wreath!

Day 2 of the week - The theme this week is Turkeys. The letter of the week is S,s and the number of the week is 17.
Project - Turkey Wreath - I found the idea for the Turkey Wreath on the website http://www.dltk-holidays.com/thanksgiving/crafts.html click on Turkey Crafts and then Turkey Wreath. Directions: Trace a small plate and a large plate onto a piece of cardboard ( I used and empty cereal box). Cut strips of red, yellow and orange construction paper (about 1 1/2 inches by 4 inches). Glue the strips into rolls. Glue the rolls of construction paper onto the wreath. I let Connor decide on a pattern and he did all of the gluing. Draw a beak onto orange paper and a wobble onto red paper and cut out. Trace your child's foot onto orange construction paper and cut out (fold the construction paper in half and trace the foot and then cut to get two identical feet). Connor traced his own foot. Draw a footprint shaped body onto brown construction paper and cut out. Connor cut out the body shape by himself. Glue the body, 2 feet, beak and wobbler onto the turkey and add 2 googly eyes. Connor glued all of the parts by himself. Materials Needed - cardboard (cereal box), large plate, small plate, red, yellow, orange, brown construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, glue, pencil

Learning Activities - I have been using the workbook Everything for Early Learning Preschool workbook. (I purchased it at Wal-Mart)
Today's Activities:
The letter S, s - writing, recognition, following directions
The number 17 - recognition, writing, counting
Number Review -
recognition, counting, following directions, writing

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