Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Golf Ball Painted Leaves!

Day 2 of the week - the theme this week is Fall. The letter of the week is L, l and the number of the week is 11.
Project - Golf Ball Painted Leaves. I found a leaf coloring page ( http://www.coloring.ws/simple_shapes.htm ) printed it out, cut it out, traced it onto 2 pieces of white paper. Connor and Lauren cut out their leaf. I placed their cut out leaves in the bottom of large shallow bowl. They rolled 3 golf balls in red, yellow and orange paint. Then, 1 at a time, they rolled the golf balls onto their leaves - by rolling the bowl or using their hands to roll the balls. The golf balls leave cool prints on the leaves. After the leaves were almost covered, I took them out of the bowls and let them dry. When they were dry, Connor and Lauren glued their leaves onto a piece of colored construction paper, cut around the construction paper with fun scissors, and wrote the word "leaf." Materials Needed - Leaf template http://www.coloring.ws/simple_shapes.htm , white paper, scissors, marker, red, yellow, orange paint, 3 golf balls, large shallow bowl/container, 3 plates (to roll the golf balls in paint on), glue, fun scissors
The Finished Fall Leaves

Learning Activities - I have been using the workbook Everything for Early Learning Preschool workbook. (I purchased it at Wal-Mart)
Today's Activities:
The letter L, l - writing, recognition, upper and lower case, following directions
The concept above - recognition, cutting, pasting, following directions

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